We aim to represent a diverse group of commercial artists in the business backed by a dedicated team of agent-producers who support every artist, client and project.

While building our roster, we want the artists to know — that we might be new, but here to stay and take care of the business and production end of their practice. For businesses we work as vital partners and facilitating fruitful collaborations, realising their vision creatively and commercially. Building healthy creative ecosystems: for artists to thrive and earn a living doing what they love; and clients to tap into a network of India's top creative talent.



MIRA F MALHOTRA          @kokumkohla

Mira is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Mumbai. She enjoys being endlessly challenged by image-making problems, especially when they support alternative narratives, using a wide range of techniques to find relatable, accessible visual solutions. Her broader interest in DIY cultures: south asian politics, feminisms, subcultures, publishing, collectives and independent music inform her work and ethic. Her illustrative style is characterised by her offbeat humour, objects around her, an unabashed love for colour, and is balanced by her involvement in real, pressing issues facing the Indian subcontinent today.

Mira was trained in a BFA in Illustration at Mumbai University before she graduated in a Master's in Graphic Design at National Institute of Design. She is also a founding member of Kadak, a global collective of South asian women graphic artists.



TARINI SETHI                    @tarinisethi

Tarini is a Fine artist & curator based in New Delhi. She studied art at Pratt institute & went on to participate in several group shows in New York where she developed her style. She’s also been curating art shows for the last four years to give a platform to independent artists to showcase their work. She’s the founder & curator of the Irregulars Art Fair; India's first anti art-fair. She also takes the role of a Managing Editor at The Irregular Times.

She explores themes of human intimacy & tries to break the taboo of body-consciousness and sexuality. Her work constantly revolves around the idea of “Utopias” & a world where we can live free & equally, without judgement both from others and the self. She draws inspiration from folk tales, architecture of cities she knows & lives in, and stories of kings & queens alongside twists and turns of modern day politics. She makes both drawings & metal shadow installations that are surreal in nature with hints of both mythology and humour. Her work unveils identity while exploring sexuality within personal spaces, both architectural and cerebral.

She primarily focuses on “drawing” & is committed to the intricate techniques that it encompasses. She mostly works with ink on paper & sculptures made with iron that revolve around the movements of light & shadow. Her work is ongoing and will continue to change & twist and mould into different forms.


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