Since 2018, We have been building a community of India’s most disruptive artists, thinkers and doers working in a collaborative spirit sharing a purpose, upholding a set of values and above all, a belief in the power of creativity. Hosting multiple experiential exhibits like the editions of The Irregulars Art Fair (Anti Art-Fair), Drink & Draws, Zine Making Workshops and publishing India’s First Art & Design Tabloid - The Irregular Times, has been a major feat. and we’re super proud of it.


The newspaper is an opportunity to provide new perspectives at the intersection of art, media, activism, politics, and contemporary culture.

Our goal is to collaborate with individuals to create our vision of what we’d like to see in print, to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, build meaningful exchanges with our readers and most importantly, revive print media.

Along with the quarterly issue, we aim to amplify the endless possibilities of zine making, and zine culture in our country. In the newspaper, we will highlight pressing stories; create interactive and thought-provoking content, all the while challenging the self-seriousness that typically runs the art world.

Our endeavour is to make the newspaper accessible to schools, universities, artists, non-artists and art institutions all over India.



India’s first anti art-fair

An anti art fair for independent artists, conceived to foster a dialogue that transcends prescribed geographies, hierarchies, and established markets.

We seek to present new and undiscovered artists in spaces that were not originally created for an art exhibition, and to showcase their work in ways and forms that are not conventionally meant for displaying.

The aim of TIRAF is to create a community at the intersection point of different genres of art and culture, for inventing new ones. Thereby forging an alternative space for the irregular arts, for the weird and bizarre.

Since 2018, we have hosted two successful editions with over 250+ artists & 5+ Programmed Venues, with a combined footfall of 5000+ people.



With Homeworkbook Studio x The Irregulars Art Fair

HWBS & IA put together a magical workshop, where 25 people gathered over two days to drink and draw on the walls of our Studio’s basement in Khirki Village, New Delhi.

Shoutout to our good friends at Space Sessions & Bira91 for unlimited supply of entertainment and beers.