We work at the intersection of art + cultural production, strategy + branding, and artist representation.


"Typeface Tango: Universal Thirst Adds Type Magic to TIRT 4!"

From conceptual sparks to ink on paper, our collaboration with UniversalThirst has sprinkled TIRT 4 with two extraordinary fonts; Seismic Variable's fluid charm and Mersault Variable's unparalleled versatility.See it for yourself in the freshly printed TIRT!

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Join our founder and a fabulous artist, Tarini Sethi, on a journey through her mind with ink drawings, acrylic paintings, and metal shadow sculptures, on display at Chemould CoLab until April 15, 2023.


Designing a smile into the brand, one donation at a time. Thanks to Have A Nice Day, a Los Angeles-based personalised social giving platform that helps users make philanthropy a daily habit.


Witness Tarini Sethi, our artist on the roster, showcase her masterworks with ST+ART.

Offsite: Irregulars at the Spotify Rap91 launch

An offsite? Hip-hop music? Street culture? An opportunity to show-off our fit heat? We're game.


Come get TIRT-y! As we join our friends at the Gaysi Zine Bazaar to amplify the culture of zine making in India with all our editions -- yes, all 3 of them! It's time for adults to colour, cut out art, and frame it. You're invited to come get it.


Spotify gets a dash of sparkle for its festive hub

Irregulars Alliance x Studio Kohl set out to light up Spotify's all-new Diwali Hub, bringing a visual sense of delight, festivity, shareability, and celebration to the in-app experience.

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"Hot Off the Press: The 4th Issue of The Irregular Times Has Landed!"

Super proud of the team and grateful for our contributors who made this issue extraordinary. Can't wait for it to reach our readers ! Cover art by the genius, Erik Carter.

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i connect0

Our co-founder, Anant Ahuja, shared insights into the world of design with students at MIT Indore, followed by a 2-day typography workshop facilitated by iConnect Avantika, a student-led collective aiming to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

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Cheers to Tamras Gin! Our packaging design for Tamras Gin takes the spotlight on Packaging of the World, showcasing its captivating design to a global audience.


2022 was a great year, with some of our favourite projects escaping our screens and entering the real world. And can you believe it? Three of them got featured on Hardcopy. We are absolutely delighted!


We're stoked to see that our friends at Hardcopy quite liked our work with Studio Kohl on the Plum' rebrand.

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Sneak into our journey of rediscovering and redesigning brand Plum as they trim their way through a hairy insurance world.


Refreshed. Reimagined. Reframed. Come, be a part of John Jacobs eyewear's new vision as imagined by us at The Irregulars Alliance.


Hardcopy covers John Jacob's new look

The word's getting out, and we're ecstatic.


The Irregular Times, in partnership with Halden Bookworks, has conceptualised an exciting Artist-in-Residence programme from 2023–2024 for artists who centre 'making' at the core of their practice.

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Our fresh guns, Ankit, Ashutosh, and Rithvika, share their thoughts on their exciting new roles and how they plan to bring their unique perspectives to the team.


With an "artist-centric" modus operandi, there are some like Jameel and TIRT that absolutely cannot deny each other.


Embedding virality and vibrancy in the design of Instagram's Diwali sticker pack for 2023 in collaboration with Studio Kohl and their evolving take on traditional symbols.

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No big deal. Just a bunch of irregulars from The Irregulars Alliance talking about all things art and design at the second edition of CAN, hosted by The Design Village.


Watch our co-founder Anant in talk with the team at Culture Connects, an initiative of Wild City, Mutek.SF, and the American Center New Delhi, amongst other renowned voices in art - Raghava KK, Lara Stein, and Nivedita Poddar.


It's new, it's hot, it's for everyone, by womxn only, it's uncensored, it's lit, it's TIT! Geddit.

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ST Animation

Coming from the not-so-new yet unfamiliar crypto-world, Superteam is here to make waves in the Solana ecosystem of the ascending world, and we were here to get with it for their rebrand design.


Spotify Rap91 // Watching the identity come to life

When the voices of the streets made their way to town with Spotify's Rap91, we were duty called to wrap the town in colours of caution.


We're super excited to announce that we are now representing some of the most talented artists from India, and the first artist on our roster has to be one of our favourite collaborators: Mira Felicia Malhotra, a.k.a. Kokum Kohla!


Introducing #Surrealist, a visionary step towards a new age. Blurring the lines between real and virtual, we bring you a surreal, fantastical lenscape where dreams come true.


A dialogue with our features editor, design team, and founders on challenging the "self-seriousness" and "hierarchy" in the art industry through a reanimation of the printed newspaper.


Our adventure in crafting an exciting narrative and identity that oozes the sensibilities of an unreserved modern Indian Gin, its taste, and the culture it's here to create is a corseted category.


What an Awwward! Our storytelling-infused website for Tamras Gin gets an "Awwwards" worthy recognition in the honourable mentions section for its interactive use of type and imagery.


Read about how our design team rose to the challenge and created a digital home for The Irregular Times, emulating its core ethos of play and rebellion, and discarding the traditional grid system.